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Mobile Water Station

Provide quality water at your next event! DSM H2GO is a mobile water filling station, operated by Des Moines Water Works. Des Moines Water Works has different models of the water station that can fit your needs for your next community event. 

How does the DSM H2GO station work?
The water station can be hooked directly to a hose bib or public fire hydrant throughout the Des Moines Water Works service area. Des Moines Water Works will determine whether or not your site has the appropriate connection for the water station. Water quality is Des Moines Water Works’ top priority. The water that flows from DSM H2GO is the same water that flows from your kitchen tap.

What is the cost to use a DSM H2GO station?
Des Moines Water Works is happy to provide DSM H2GO stations free of charge to approved applicants. DSM H2GO stations and any accompany staff are provided courtesy of Des Moines Water Works. Des Moines Water Works will provide weekday set-up/take-down of DSM H2GO stations. Weekend and evening set-up/take-down will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and may incur charges. By submitting this request, the applicant assumes all responsibility for damages. The applicant will be billed for any intentional or non-intentional damage to water stations.

Who is permitted to use DSM H2GO stations?
DSM H2GO stations are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. The stations are intended to be used for potable water by visitors and vendors at outdoor, public events with over 100 estimated attendees, within Des Moines Water Works service area. 

How do I reserve a DSM H2GO station?
Fill out a DSM H2GO application. Please submit your application at least two weeks prior to your requested event. You will be notified within two weeks of the receipt of the application if your event has been approved. 

What do I need to provide while a DSM H2GO station is at my event?
  • An applicant must provide any desired water vessel, such as cups, refillable water bottles, etc.
  • DSM H2GO station must be monitored by a representative of your group while in use at your event. An applicant will be held responsible for any intentional or non-intentional damage while in your care.
  • For any event where Des Moines Water Works provides mobile water service, we strongly discourage the use of pre-packaged bottled water. We also encourage event organizers and venues allow attendees to bring an empty refillable bottle into the event, to promote sustainability and limit waste. 


Any organization/event requesting a DSM H2GO station must agree to comply with the following:

  • Des Moines Water Works staff must have easy/clear access to the site location.
  • The water station(s) cannot be delivered the day prior to an event for security and water quality concerns
  • The water station(s) cannot be unattended at any time.
  • In an emergency situation, Des Moines Water Works has the authority to cancel the water station(s) participation at an event.

Please fill out the following application to request a DSM H2GO mobile filling station.


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