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Water Service Agreement

On [Date], you applied to Des Moines Water Works (“Water Works”) for water service to Serve [Address]. The Water Works is a municipal water utility owned and operated by the Board of Water Works Trustees of the City of Des Moines, Iowa (the “Board”). By making such application you represent that you are duly authorized to request water service to such service address and to make the agreements set forth in this Water Service Agreement.  Your acceptance of water service to such service address shall be taken as your agreement as the “Customer” to the following:

  1. To pay all applicable rates and charges for water service, as established from time to time by the Board.  Payment of rates and charges in full is due upon receipt of invoice.  In the event of nonpayment in full, late payment charges will be imposed as set forth in the Water Works Water Service Rules and Regulations as established from time to time by the Board (the “Water Service Rules and Regulations”).  If Customer’s account becomes delinquent, Water Works may terminate water service, as provided by law, until the account is paid in full, and may also file a property tax lien for the delinquent balance as provided by law.  Water Works may also report any delinquent balance to credit agencies as allowed by law.
  2. To comply with all of the Water Service Rules and Regulations. Rules and Regulations are available online at, or may be reviewed at Des Moines Water Works’ General Office located at 2201 George Flagg Pkwy, Des Moines, IA.
  3. The installation, maintenance and repair of the service pipe and fixtures from the main into the property, including corporation stop, shut-off valve, stop or curb box, meter box or setting, and meter pit, is the sole responsibility of the Customer.  Any necessary installation, maintenance or repair work must be done at the expense and risk of Customer in accordance with the Water Service Rules and Regulations.  If circumstances require the Water Works to perform any of the maintenance and repair work that is Customer’s responsibility, then the reasonable cost thereof shall be immediately paid by the Customer to the Water Works.
  4. To indemnify and save harmless the Water Works, the Board and the City of Des Moines, Iowa from any and all claims or demands made against any or all of them on account of the condition, state of repair, location, or otherwise involving, Customer’s service pipe and fixtures from the main into the Customer’s premises.
  5. The water furnished hereunder, other than fire service, shall be metered by a meter or meters furnished and owned by the Water Works, and Customer agrees to pay for all water so metered at the applicable rates whether or not such water is wasted. Dedicated fire service shall likewise be paid for in accordance with applicable rates.
  6. The Water Works shall always have reasonable access to all meters and meter reading systems, during its normal working day, and at any time in the case of emergency.
  7. Customer shall not tamper with any meters, meter reading systems or other property of the Water Works.
  8. All meters and remote reading devices shall be protected by Customer from freezing and all other types of damage.  Any damage to meters or meter reading systems, unless caused by the direct act of the Water Works, shall be paid by Customer upon presentation of a bill.
  9. If water is delivered hereunder through a private main that is not under the management and control of the Water Works, the Water Works is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of such main.
  10. If a tap or taps are required for the furnishing of service hereunder:
    • Such tap or taps shall be made by Water Works personnel at the expense of Customer or of Customer’s plumbers; and
    • Customer shall be responsible for complying with all safety standards applicable to such taps; and
    • If any tap or taps presently serve or previously served the premises, to discontinue and properly close such discontinued tap or taps at the main not later than ten (10) days after the new tap or taps are made; and
    • If the tap is tapping a private main not owned by Customer, Customer shall obtain authority of the main’s owner to take water service through it.
  11. Unless otherwise terminated by Water Works, after water service commences in the name of Customer, such water service shall be deemed to continue until the Water Works Customer Service Department is notified that service should be discontinued and Water Works is given access to the premises to verify that water service has been physically cut off.  Rates and charges will continue to accrue to Customer’s account until such notice is given and such access is provided, and may result in collection activity to recover unpaid amounts against Customer, the filing of a lien on the premises, or both.
  12. If Customer fails to perform any of the agreements herein made, then the Water Works may, in addition to any other remedy, terminate water service as provided by law.  
  13. In addition, Customer understands that the Water Works at the request of, and as agent for, your city or district, may discontinue water service for non-payment of sewer, storm water or solid waste charges.
  14. Customers who are tenants of a property will be charged a deposit equal to the usual cost of 90 day of water service based on an average household consumption of 7,500 gallons per thirty day period.  Such deposit will be added to the customer’s account and will be reflected on the customer’s first statement.  Deposits are subject to Des Moines Water Works’ collection rules, and as such, service may be terminated for non-payment of a deposit.  The deposit will be applied to the balance of the account at the date of final service.  Any amounts remaining after application of the deposit to the final balance will be refunded to the customer within a reasonable period of time subsequent to the customer’s final service date. Refer to Section 511 of Des Moines Water Works’ Rules and Regulations for the current deposit amount.
  15. In the event of errors in the amount billed for water service, the amounts due to or from customers shall be subject to retroactive adjustment for a period of not more than five (5) years prior to the date of discovery of the error. 
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