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The Realtor Form is designed to help realtors and/or closing companies identify delinquent, outstanding bills on a property prior to the sale of the property. Many closing companies choose to take any delinquent amounts owed by a previous owner out of closing proceeds. Find tips for transferring service and additional information below the Realtor Information form.

Complete the following form at least five business days prior to closing.

Des Moines Water Works will respond within three business days, indicating any amounts owed at that property. Des Moines Water Works will also note if there are any known unusual conditions that may exist at a property, such as an inoperable stopbox, etc.

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Realtor Information

Property Information

Tips for Transferring Service

  • Have the seller and buyer coordinate the start/stop service date. Coordinating the start/stop service date prevents the stop box from being operated and avoids the risk of costly stop box repairs. If the buyer calls in to give their start date, DMWW will automatically final the seller's account on that same date and will not operate the stop box.
  • Use the Realtor Form above to identify any delinquent, outstanding bills at the property. Many closing companies choose to take these delinquent amounts out of closing proceeds.
  • Ask DMWW if a Condition of Service exists on the stopbox. This can be communicated via the Realtor Form.

Did You Know?

  • The property owner is responsible for the connection to the water main (tap) and the piping (service line) that carries the water from the main to the meter. This includes the stopbox (sometimes called curb valve and located in the public right-of-way), which is owned by the property owner. Owners are responsible for any inoperable stopboxes.  Stop boxes must be repaired when:
    • The box is too high or low. The stopbox cap should be level with the ground.
    • The box is located under concrete or asphalt and is not accessible.
    • When the housing becomes bent and the key cannot be lowered onto the valve.
    • When the rod is loose and does not connect to the valve.
    • When the valve does not operate.
  • For change of accounts, DMWW does not charge to turn water off/on.
  • For new construction, DMWW does not have a separate meter charge, nor a charge to set a meter. DMWW owns the meter and meter reading equipment and is responsible for replacing this equipment.
  • City of Des Moines property owners should note city ordinance requires every property to be billed monthly for sewer customer service charges, stormwater, and solid waste, even if the property is not occupied or there is no active water service at the property. These charges are billed to the property owner on record.


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