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Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) provides drinking water to approximately 600,000 customers in the Des Moines metro area and sells water to many cities and other entities in central Iowa. DMWW is proud to have the next-to-highest revenue bond rating in the water utility industry and water rates below the national average.

DMWW operates three water treatment plants: Fleur Drive, L. D. McMullen Treatment Plant at Maffitt Reservoir and Saylorville Water Treatment Plant.  The utility maintains 1,400 miles of buried water mains which have 9,800 valves, over 80,000 water meters and automated reading devices, nearly 10,000 fire hydrants, 10 water storage tanks and 10 booster pumping stations. 

DMWW also operates Des Moines Water Works Park and Maffitt Reservoir Park. Water Works Park is approximately 1,500 acres of land near downtown Des Moines and is one of the largest urban parks. Maffitt Reservoir includes 1,300 acres of land, including wooded areas and a 200 acre lake popular for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. 

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