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Picnic Area

Picnic Area

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Lime Basin

Lime Basin

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Water Works Park

Located on Fleur Drive directly across from Gray's Lake, Water Works Park covers nearly 1,500 acres of open wooded areas. The park stretches from Fleur Drive, west of 63rd Street, bounded by the Raccoon River on the north edge, and George Flagg Parkway to the south.

Biking, jogging, picnicking, fishing, and hiking are a few of the activities that park patrons enjoy. Picnic areas, complete with tables and grills, are located in several areas of the park. Large, open areas are available for team sports such as softball, tag football, and soccer. For more information on the trail system, visit City of Des Moines official website.

Water Works Park Renovation

For more information about the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation and proposed Water Works Park plan, visit  

Water Works Park Hours

South:  6:00 am to 10:00 pm
North:  7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Water Works Park Rules & Regulations

Firearms, Fireworks and Explosives

The use of firearms, explosives, weapons, firecrackers, or fireworks of any kind is prohibited.


Fishing is permitted by all legal methods outlined in the Iowa State Fishing Laws.

Domestic Animals

Dogs and all other types of pets should be kept on a leash, except for designated “off leash” areas in the park. Pets may not run at large. Please carry or confine your animal if there is no leash.


Please avoid feeding geese and ducks.

Waste Material

Help us keep our parks clean by carrying all litter, trash, and waste materials off the property.


Overnight camping is prohibited. Special permission may be granted by Des Moines Water Works at 515.283.8752.

Fires and Fire Pits

Open fires are not allowed on Water Works’ property. Grills or fireplaces provided for picnic cooking are allowed. Please do not dig fire pits or trenches.

Destruction of Plant Life

Please do not deface, damage, or remove any trees, plants or flowers growing on Water Works’ property.

Disorderly and Obscene Conduct, Nuisances

Please refrain from loud, violent, obscene, or profane language in the Park.

Property Damage

Please do not destroy, damage, or abuse any building, equipment, sign, or other items found in Water Works Park.

Closed Areas

Please heed all signs and closed gates in the Park. Certain areas of the park may be closed at times for safety reasons.

Recreational Vehicles

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles or unlicensed recreational motor vehicles may not be operated on Water Works property.

Bridle Trails

Horseback riding should be limited to the bridle trails. Please hitch your animal to the rails where provided and do not use trees, shrubs, or fences in such a manner as to result in property damage. Horses are not permitted in picnic areas or at Maffitt Reservoir.

Bike/Pedestrian Trail

Multi-use recreational trails shall be open for use by the public for recreation and transportation at all the times, except the following:
   1) Hours of use of section of trails may be limited by the Supervisor of Grounds
   2) Sections of trails may be closed temporarily in emergency situations by DMWW staff
   3) Use of the trail system after park hours is allowed, providing users stay on the trail at all times.

River, Ponds and Fountain

For safety and health reasons, please do not skate on the ice or swim in any of the bodies of water on Water Works property.  Wading is allowed for fishing purposes only. Launching of boats in the park is not allowed, except for the designated boat ramp.

Vehicle Operation

Please keep your vehicle on the established roadways of the Park and stay within the posted speed limit. Park roads are considered public highways, the same as city streets, and are subject to all traffic laws as designated in the State Code of Iowa.


Please park your vehicle in the designated parking areas. In areas of the Park where parking is not provided, please park parallel to the roadway. Please do not obstruct the roadway or back up traffic.

Complete Rules & Regulations for Water Works Park 

Complete Rules & Regulations for Water Works Park


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