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Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation

The primary purpose of the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation ("Foundation") is to raise awareness and funds to develop, maintain and operate Water Works Park ("Park") for the benefit of the public in terms of recreation, education, and support of the Des Moines Water Works ("DMWW") in the fulfillment of its mission to provide a steady supply of safe water to its customers.

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Proposed Plans for Water Works Park

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation are as follows:

Kate Byus, President

Ryan Hanser, 1st Vice President & Marketing Chair

Chad Rasmussen, 2nd Vice President & Implementation Chair

Ryan Flynn, Treasurer

Jason Stone, Secretary

Hannah Inman, Past President

Randy Reichardt, Development Chair

Dylan Huey, Users Co Chair

Jed Gammell, Users Co Chair

Amy Jennings, Governance Chair

Zac Voss, Programming Chair

Gunnar Olson, Marketing Committee

Proctor Lureman, Programming Committee

Katie Gillette, Development Committee

Matt Van Loon, Implementation Committee

Jon Koehn, Development Committee

Jeff Inman, Marketing Committee

Dave Carlson, DMWW Board Representative

Marc Wallace, DMWW Board Representative

Sam Carrell, Acting Executive Director - 515.240.7993, 


Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes


DSMH20 - DMWW Blog

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Project H20

Project H20

Learn about DMWW's voluntary program to assist low-income households in the Des Moines metro.