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Meter Testing

Meter Testing

DMWW began its large meter testing program in the mid-1970s and we have continued and strengthened that commitment to meter testing today.  Currently, we have two employees certified from Neptune’s large meter testing program, and we are equipped to test large meters from other manufacturers.

DMWW has 265 2-inch or larger meters in its system.  Large water meters are used in several applications to ensure accurate billing for our suburban and industry commercial accounts, hospitals and schools.

Annually, DMWW tests 95 large meters for suburban and large commercial customers.  In addition, half of the remaining 170 meters are tested every other year.

Two-thirds of the large water meters in DMWW’s system are located in meter vaults.  All meters are repaired in place in the field and then re-tested to ensure proper accuracy.

Protect Your Investment

Water meters are the cash registers of your utility.  Due to the mechanical nature of a water meter, accuracy decreases as the meter ages.  If your water meters are inaccurate, your utility may not be getting all the revenue it is entitled.

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) is dedicated to keeping Des Moines metro area water meters as accurate as possible.  Meter testing is the best solution for revenue optimization.

We can optimize your revenue by:

  • Testing large meters (2-inch and larger for accuracy)
  • Acting as an independent, accredited testing authority for customer dispute resolution
  • Recalibrating meters to ensure an accurate and productive life
  • Performing statistical analysis of meter accuracy to determine useful life of meter populations

Large Meter Testing

DMWW’s meter testing and maintenance program for meters 2-inch and larger involves preventive maintenance and testing based on meter size, consumption, and meter age.

Large meters found in DMWW’s system, generally located in meter vaults, range from 2-inch turbine and compound meters to 12-inch turbine meters.  DMWW services turbine, compound and fire service meters.  All meters are repaired in place in the field and retested to ensure accuracy.  For testing purposes, all large meters are required to have a 3-inch test header to allow for uninterrupted water flow as well as a by-pass installed for testing.

Meter Shop

DMWW’s qualified meter shop staff routinely monitors the accuracy of meters from the field. A sample of the meters removed under our meter change out program are routinely evaluated as a means to collect statistical data and assess the effectiveness of the program.  The meter shop can test meters from ⅛th of a gallon up to 210 gpm, and has a large free standing sand blaster that will accommodate up to a 6-inch compound water meter.

The automated meter shop is set up to test multiple water meters at one time, depending on meter size, allowing for efficient meter shop operations.

Schedule a Meter Testing

DMWW offers flexible hours to accommodate its customers in order to keep them with water during normal hours of operation.  Normal testing operation is between March 15 to November 15 (longer if weather permits and temperatures are above freezing).

To discuss how DMWW can assist you in testing large meters in the field or provide meter testing services in our shop, contact Des Moines Water Works at 515.323.6235.


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