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Lab Testing

Lab Testing

Des Moines Water Works' state-certified laboratory provides testing for customers.  The laboratory is certified to test pool and spa samples for hotels, apartments, health clubs, golf courses, etc.  A list of routine tests DMWW lab conducts for outside customers and pricing is as follows:

Price List for Routine Lab Tests (subject to change)


Sample Analysis Cost
Private wells Coliform $25.00
Distributions Coliform $12.00
HPC HPC $15.00
New Mains Coliform $15.00
Pool Coliform $15.00
Spa Coliform $22.00
Spa Pseudomona $25.00


Sample Analysis Cost
Anions Bromide $18.00
Anions Chloride $18.00
Anions Fluoride $18.00
Anions Nitrate $18.00
Anions Nitrite $18.00
Anions Phoshate(ortho) $18.00
Anions Sulfate $18.00
Metals Antimony $18.00
Metals Arsenic $18.00
Metals Cadmium $18.00
Metals Chromium $18.00
Metals Copper $18.00
Metals Iron $18.00
Metals Lead $18.00
Metals Potassium $18.00
Metals Selenium $18.00
Metals Silver $18.00
Metals Sodium $18.00
Softening Calcium Hardness $12.00
Softening Chlorine Residual $12.00
Softening Conductivity $12.00
Softening Alkalinity $12.00
Softening pH $12.00
Softening Total Hardness $12.00
Turbidity Turbidity $12.00

Other Testing

If you would like to have something tested that is not on this list, contact DMWW's Laboratory at 515.283.8787 to discuss the availability of tests.


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