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Des Moines Water Works employees recognize potential safety concerns both within the utility and in the community and bring them to the attention of others. The employees are self governing, by watching out for safety issues that might affect themselves as well as other employees, and communicate the concerns with them.

We have a safety team, Central Safety Committee (CSC), that has a representative from each department. They meet to discuss situations and safety concerns and promote safe at work and away from work actions. It allows for collaboration for solutions. 

Des Moines Water Works has been recognized in 2010 by the Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau in partnership with Iowa/Illinois Safety Council for our seat belt usage. Then in 2011, we were recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau for safety belt usage.

We also provide training and educational programs for our employees to assist them in working safe, but can also be carried over to their personal life. Some of the training that is provided:

  • Back Safety
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Posion ivy
  • Heat and Cold exposure
  • Driving safety
  • Ladder safety
  • Equipment operation
  • And many others


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Project H20

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