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Information Technology

Information Technology

Who is Information Technology (IT)?

The Information Technology (IT) Department offers a vast range of technical opportunities to our employees. We support a variety of software and hardware platforms such as VoIP, PeopleSoft, asset management, performance management, budgeting, water quality management systems, work order management, customer relationship management, and more. We utilize a mixture of vendor hardware and software from some of the leaders in the industry including Cisco®, Microsoft®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, HP®, EMC®, Dell®, Motorola® and many others.

The IT department offers exposure to many of these technologies for nearly all members.

The Information Technology Team

We have a very dynamic, energetic and technically advanced team. Our members come from various industries and turnover is very low. We are a group who enjoys the technical challenges that our work life affords and also enjoy an occasional social gathering to further strengthen our team bond.

What it’s Like to Work in Information Technology

It is fun! IT maintains an environment that promotes productivity and enjoyment. We work very well together and require that nearly all department members get involved in most of our technologies. This environment gives employees great cross training and career advancement opportunities. We pride ourselves in our technical and business abilities.

Are You Eager for a Career in Information Technology at DMWW?

IT has an applications team that includes analysts, programmers, web developers, business analysts and management. They have a technical team including help desk support, network administration, database administration, technical consulting, technical project management, and infrastructure planning and maintenance.

Des Moines Water Works is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and complies with the Iowa Smokefree Air Act.


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