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Unsolicited Proposals


Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) has established procurement procedures to procure goods and services required by the utility. When an individual or entity desires to present a proposal to DMWW that was not solicited by DMWW, the individual or entity must submit the information as an unsolicited proposal. The purpose of this policy is to specify the means by which individuals and entities are to follow in submitting such unsolicited proposals to DMWW and how DMWW will respond to them.


For purposes of this policy, an "Unsolicited Proposal" is an offer of a service or good, initiated and submitted to DMWW, without solicitation from DMWW, with the objective of obtaining a contract. A valid unsolicited proposal must:

  • Be innovative and unique
  • Be independently originated and developed by the proposer
  • Be prepared without requiring DMWW supervision, endorsement, direction or direct DMWW involvement
  • Include sufficient detail to permit a determination that DMWW support could be worthwhile and the proposed work could benefit DMWW in fulfilling its mission
  • Not be an advance proposal for an item, project, or material that DMWW is required by law or its own internal policies to acquire through competitive means, and if found to be so at any time during the submission process, DMWW maintains the right to cease discussions at it sole discretion.
  • Not address a previously published DMWW solicitation for proposals
  • Represent the presentation of an idea or existing service or good, including without limitation, concepts, facilities, processes, know how, and techniques submitted to DMWW without solicitation from DMWW, with the proposer's objective of obtaining a contract or procurement by DMWW.

See the Unsolicited Proposals document for the information required in a proposal and instructions on how to submit a proposal.


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