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Purchasing Bids: Sealed Bid Invitations

Listed below is a summary of the sealed bids that are currently open through Des Moines Water Works Purchasing Office. Clicking on an open bid link will open a complete specification document for that bid. At the bottom of the document there are data elements that you must complete in order to successfully submit a bid on line.

When you have successfully submitted a bid, an email notification will be sent to you indicating that your bid has been received by Des Moines Water Works. It is important that you verify all bid data prior to submitting.

Des Moines Water Works Purchasing/Central Stores Supervisor will also be sent an email indicating that your company has submitted a bid for the specific bid. The Purchasing/Central Stores Supervisor will not be informed of the bid details until all bids are opened on the bid opening date and time outlined in the specifications.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, only the terms and conditions set forth in the actual bid documents will be legally binding.

To request a bid package if you are not submitting online

Contact the Purchasing Office with questions or to request a bid package. Please reference the specific bid you are inquiring about. For example: “Mowing of towers” and include your complete mailing address and the name of the person requesting the package.

Information about how to return your bid response via mail will be included in the bid package. All bids are due to Des Moines Water Works Purchasing Office by the date and time listed on the bid to be considered.

Purchasing Office

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Bid Request Due Date


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