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In 1919, Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) was formed as an independently owned and operated public utility, deriving its legal status from the Constitution of the State of Iowa and the statutes enacted by the Iowa General Assembly.  Its legal authority is set out in Article III, Sec. 38A, Constitution of the State of Iowa; Chapter 388, Code of Iowa; and Division V, Chapter 384, Code of Iowa.  The Board of Trustees has all of the powers of the City Council to operate the utility, except for levying taxes. The utility is owned by the water rate payers. 

The Board of Water Works Trustees of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, consists of five members, appointed by the Mayor of the City of Des Moines for a term of six years. The Board of Water Works Trustees appoints Des Moines Water Works CEO and General Manager.

Board of Water Works Trustees

For more information on each member of the Board of Water Works Trustees, visit the Board page.

DMWW Organizational Chart


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Project H20

Project H20

Learn about DMWW's voluntary program to assist low-income households in the Des Moines metro.